Intimidating questions to ask people

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Sometimes when I talk to girls and ask them out for coffee, they run away from me...

But is there such thing as if your too good looking, girls would be scared of you?

Learning to be intimidating can also help you avoid being intimidated by others.

So, all my girlfriends that are just friends say I'm really good looking and are surprised I've NEVER had a girlfriend before... and when I take off my shirt, I kinda look like one of those "Chipendales"...

They often play off of typically light starter conversation topics such as work, family, entertainment, or personal interests, which makes for an ideal transition into deeper questions later on once you know the person a little bit better.

You can also ask fun questions that don’t go too deep but simply help to put your conversation partner at ease. Each one is designed to go beyond the surface and encourage more revealing, real conversation.

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Getting to know someone can be an intimidating process.

The best part is that asking just of these questions can open and carry an interesting conversation that will leave you far better acquainted with a new contact than everyday small talk.

Before diving into the list, it is important to note that not all conversation questions are alike.

Questions at the beginning of a conversation with a person you don’t know should be neutral and relatively easy to answer so that you can establish a basic level of comfort with one another.

After all, small talk, while necessary in many situations, won’t actually help you get to know someone.

And then, when you see them again, there isn’t a good place to pick up where you left off!

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