Insecure men and dating

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One way of looking at life is to see yourself operating somewhere between the poles of fear and intent.

When you are guided by fear, you try to avoid the things or outcomes that you don't want.

I have written about how to overcome insecurity in another post.

That one only briefly touches on why men have insecurity in relationships.

Activity-based dates take the pressure off your guy to keep up an interesting conversation throughout the date. Choose date activities with which your boyfriend feels confident.

For example, if he's an expert trap shooter, go out for a day of shooting.

When you are guided by intent you move positively towards the things or outcomes you do want.

You realize why you have been acting in a certain way all along and suddenly it all makes sense.While extreme insecurity can ruin a relationship, mild insecurity is often something couples can work through.If you’re dating an insecure man, you can help him feel more confident around you by choosing certain types of dates and communicating effectively.In all things in the world and in life there is polarity. Dark and light, night and day, love and hate, yin and yang.There are no absolutes and everything is a matter of degree.

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