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In order to develop my empathetic skills I must ask myself, "How would I feel under the same circumstances?

" When I put out the positive effort and energy to begin an action that is likely to help me effect a constructive change in my life.

The ability to communicate my thoughts and feelings in an open, honest way without judgment or censorship.

In order to maintain an open channel I must be willing to: 1) totally disclose what I’m thinking and feeling; 2) be receptive to others viewpoints; 3) maintain a self-critical attitude.

When I show care and concern not only for myself but for those around me by being truthful with my feelings and acting responsibly for myself and towards others, I am being supportive.

When I care enough for others to confront their destructive behavior.

Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results.

The principle of right conduct requires commitments to be fulfilled.

Right now you are telling your clients (or supplicants in 802.1X-ese) to verify the the trust path of your RADIUS server's certificate.This only happens with the 802.1x ssid (staff) and not with the PSK ssid (for guests).I'm just enjoying it."As for all those Instagram Lives and social media posts that may feature a few pretty ladies, another source assures fans that it's just Tarek loving his relationship status."Everything you see on social media is Tarek just having fun and enjoying his new single bachelor lifestyle," our insider shared.When I fully disclose the truth, regardless of the consequences, I am being honest.To act in a manner which is natural, congruent, authentic and without premeditation.

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