How to be a player dating

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"I guess I’m ‘first wifey’ or something," she said with a wry smile.She recovered from that day, and soon, Breanne began looking for a new boyfriend—one with fewer girlfriends. A man whose relationships typically last a couple of weeks or months knows a thing or two about rising to the occasion in the bedroom.Take Sebastian, a player I briefly encountered in college.He was the apple of every girl’s eye, and for a couple months, I had him all to myself.

While my schlub and I lounged, Oliver had taken his newest acquisition, Robin, shopping at Barney’s for whatever tickled her fancy. I wondered, what I was doing with a guy like Ben when I could be gallivanting with a specimen like Oliver?Breanne wondered just how her devoted boyfriend became acquainted with so many genetic treasures.Her curiosity only deepened as she watched him flutter between three or four other beauties, engaged in what certainly didn’t seem like innocent birthday greetings.Breanne realized that her boyfriend was, well, not all hers.She may be the favorite, but she certainly wasn’t his one and only.

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