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Not all men need apply, however, as Lacy made clear.

Diddy to top the list, upping his net worth from 0 million (£589 million) to 0 million (£654 million) over the past year; it's the first time he's placed as number one since started the list back in 2011.

That’s equivalent to me meeting one POC who says they hate black people and thinking “Everyone of that particular community is racist.” Not okay. Cultivated uniquely and individually through ones unique and individual experience. It’s not as if being gay is celebrated or seen as a beneficial thing in almost any black community.

Unless you are a black gay male from Compton who grew up exactly like Steve, you, surprisingly, might not get where he’s coming from. He LITERALLY states that he sees black men as brothers.

Lacy claimed growing up around black men that he viewed alternately as competitors and “brothers,” made it impossible for him to imagine “doing anything sexual” with them.

Jay-Z has been declared the wealthiest hip-hop artist for 2018 ahead of other rap moguls such as Sean 'Diddy' Combs and Dr. Jay-Z tops the list for the first time in his career having pushed his net-worth up to 0 million the past year, up from the 0 million he was at in 2017.

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