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Both teams are in that picture if you look carefully. Here’s an article wondering if the trademark for Ugg boots should be owned by an Australian company and whether they can become a cultural symbol of the country like champagne with France or feta with Greece (thanks, Paul).

3, and the Blackhawks gave a old jersey to Bryan Bickell for his ‘One More Shift’ event.” The Heat’s 30th-anniversary logo was spotted by @Kurt Cobae, who notes that many of their anniversary logos have had a hoop around the number (or the phrase “X years of Heat”). Cross-listed from the baseball section: This Cincinnati No.

It’s one of my favorite stories about myself and my mom, and it’s now been published. Today is the final day to order our latest limited-edition shirt from the Uni Watch Artist’s Series, designed by the great Sean Kane (shown at right; click to enlarge). 11 basketball jersey that Larkin wore for a high school fundraiser game in 1989. New white helmets for Dickinson College, a D-3 school.

And then dig this shot of Larkin being “tagged out” by his brother, Xavier basketball standout Byron Larkin (from Nick Hinds and @Large Tim Hortons). “It’s the first time they’ve worn white helmets since 1980,” says John Philips.

Instead of focusing on breast cancer, as had been the case in past seasons, the league is now trying to tackle all cancers, each of which has its own color — hence the multi-colored captain’s patches, officiating caps, waistband towels, goalposts, and of course footwear.

That was the news around the NFL yesterday, as several teams wore rainbow-patterned captaincy patches (including Giants quarterback Eli Manning, shown at right; click to enlarge) as part of the league’s “A Crucial Catch” cancer-awareness program.

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