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He’s a damn good looking guy, and that body is immense!You cans see from these pics that he’s one of those guys who likes to take photos of himself in the gym locker rooms, my kind of man.Perhaps they’re just doing it knowing there are guys like us out there ready to appreciate them?I can’t say I’ve ever been that interested in taking pics of myself, so maybe I’m just not understanding the narcissism of it all.The best thing is that he totally reminds me of one of the bodybuilders at my gym, a guy I’ve had a total crush on for more than a year now.He knows it too, and he seems to enjoy that fact and likes to tease me lol Check out some of the stills from one of Joshua’s recent videos and make sure you go and check him out when you get the chance, he’s definitely one of the hottest cam guys out there in the world and well worth watching.It’s one of those things I think we all check out instinctively, whether we’re out at a bar, just walking down the street, at the gym or hanging out with buddies.

It seems other guys know who he is, but not me – I feel like I’m missing out.Leave a comment, share the post around, do all that lovely stuff you guys do so well.It’s been far too long since we last enjoyed the sight of handsome and hairy hunk DW Chase on the Cam Guys blog, but after I spent a little while looking around on the Cam With Him site this morning and contemplating which of their gorgeous dudes I should share with you all I decided that we really needed to have him back on here.) But this morning when I saw this guy I saw certain that I knew him. I smiled as he passed and he smiled back at me and gave me a nod, but I spent another hour wondering where I knew him from.I went through every possibility, from a guy I might have hooked up with (not possible, he was gorgeous and I would have remembered that fit bod), to someone I might have worked, or someone I know through a friend, or maybe a guy from the gym… I didn’t know him at all, he just looked identical to Drake from the Cam With Him site!

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