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COMPILED AND EDITED By AUTHOR OF "Bits And Odds" "First Lessons In Public Speaking" "Tales My Father Told" "Machile -- The African" Foreword By MRS.

JOSEPHINE TURPIN WASHINGTON ILLUSTRATED FROM PHOTOGRAPHS FROM WIDELY DIFFERENT SOURCES Page iii IN MEMORY OF THE MANY MOTHERS WHO WERE LOYAL IN TENSE AND TRYING TIMES, THIS VOLUME IS AFFECTIONATELY DEDICATED TO THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLORED WOMEN OF AMERICA AND CANADA                          Through all the blight of slavery                          They kept their womanhood,                          And now they march with heads erect,                          To fight for all things good,                          Nor care for scorn nor seek for praise,                          Just so they please their God. Page v Interesting as are the facts recorded in this book, they do not constitute its chief value.

They were earnest Christians and faithful observers of family worship.

"Often," says this son, "their morning prayers and hymns aroused me from my infant sleep and slumbers." He was taught the alphabet by his father, but was bereft, by death, of this paternal care at the age of four and a half years.

                         All hail to our Women! the welkin shall ring,                          As the Queen of the Earth passes by. Page 1 The silhouette of Martha Payne as shown in this volume is probably one hundred and thirty years old.

It is our anxious desire to preserve for future reference an account of these women, their life and character and what they accomplished under the most trying and adverse circumstances,--some of whom passed scatheless through fires of tribulation, only to emerge the purer and stronger,--some who received their commission even at the furnace door, the one moment thinking their all was lost forever, the next in secure consciousness of the Everlasting Arms.                          Her role is extensive and varied through earth;                          Her service far-reaching and wide.

We have meagre information of this mother and what we glean is told by her son after she had been dead more than fifty years.

We learn that London and Martha Payne were free born and lived in Charleston, South Carolina.

It is said that one can appreciate only that to which he has some inner likeness.

The author's spiritual kinship with the women of whom she wrote made possible the rare understanding brought to her subject.

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