Grad student dating undergrad

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And when you are a professor, dating undergrads will forever be the forbidden fruit.

They will flirt with you shamelessly, and you will want to take advantage of your position of power.

And because you can’t afford to live anywhere else, you probably go home to a neighborhood (or even an apartment building) that is full of them. In fact, in ways that seem more distressing over time, your life is very much like theirs.

But you can't, and you won't, because you are obviously an ethical person, and you clearly care about your career.

But when you're in grad school, undergrads are absolutely fair game.

What I want to discuss now is people who feel personally depressed. There’s a moral gulf here, and I want to throw stories and intuitions at it until enough of them pile up at the bottom to make a passable bridge.

For example, a comment from last week: I’m sorry to leave self a self absorbed comment, but reading this really upset me and I just need to get this off my chest…How is a person supposed to stay sane in a culture that prizes intelligence above everything else – especially if, as Scott suggests, Human Intelligence Really Is the Key to the Future – when they themselves are not particularly intelligent and, apparently, have no potential to ever become intelligent? I hear these kinds of responses every so often, so I should probably learn to expect them. But first, a comparison: Some people think body weight is biologically/genetically determined.

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