Geomagnetic dating

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"We spotted the first hint of NLCs in our data on May 23rd; now they are brightening rapidly." NLCs are Earth's highest clouds.

Seeded by meteoroids, they float at the edge of space more than 80 km above the planet's surface.

I have worked over 160 countries using just 3 watts.

I concentrate on listening these days, but l do get on the air in digital modes (mainly FT8) and CW from time to time. 2013 saw my ‘G4’ callsign turn 30 years old - I can still remember taking the Morse Code test at the GPO station at North Foreland Radio.

The comparison of the pattern of the relative paleointensity contributes to the age determination of the MD06-3010 core.

The pattern of geomagnetic reversals, geomagnetic excursions, the relative paleointensity and the magnetic susceptibility were obtained from the “MD06-3010” core, acquired by the French RV Marion Dufresne.This means observers on the ground could begin to see them not long after AIM does.Here is what a well-developed display of NLCs looks like, photographed on August 5, 2017, by Catalin Tapardel in Alberta, Canada: Early-season NLCs are usually faint and always found in high latitude places such as Canada, the British isles, Siberia and Scandinavia.My antennas have always been simple (and often indoors!) and I prefer to use low power levels to make my contacts.

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