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Ex-spouses and deceased family members are all represented, but with their symbol crossed out (to indicate their death).

Dates of important events (births, marriages, divorces, deaths) are indicated, and when possible, the cause of death is recorded.

This instrument facilitates the practitioner and his client’s identification an understanding of patterns in family history.

The , it is worth noting that Monica Mc Goldrick and Randy Gerson are responsible for its initial development and popularity in clinical settings.

The structure of a Genogram is by and large determined by the imagination and creativity of its author.

Some of the most common features on a should be submitted through assignment manager found behind the “assignments” button.

n Use the relationship lines to indicate significant relationships within the family system. This only crowds the graphic and makes it difficult to read.

n Include a legend at the bottom right corner of the genogram document.

going back several generations as you have information.

Another method for changing your perspective on the past is to draw yourself a genogram.

A genogram is nothing more and nothing less than a psychologically informed family tree.

Each family member is represented by their own symbol (males by squares, females by circles), and lines are drawn between each family member to indicate their relationship with the other family members represented. Psychological information is appended to each symbol to indicate what is known about that family member's mental and medical history (so, for instance, if your grandmother was alcoholic, you'd write that down next to her symbol on the genogram.

If your great-grandfather was known for having a quick temper and an anger problem, you'd note this next to his symbol).

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