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It’s interesting stuff but it’s not the topic of this article.

I accept that some readers might challenge my characterization of men’s rights, and I’m happy to participate in a wider discussion: perhaps in a co-authored point-counterpoint article for future publication here on [a][s].

It’s easy to hold them up as an example for all women, and to suggest that all women should consider unsolicited male attention ‘in the right spirit’, or as an ‘ego boost’. It serves to reinforce the idea that women should be able to deal with unwanted advances themselves…

and so the shy, the young, and the I’ve-had-enough-of-this-crap crowd stay away.

Men’s-righters suggest that we should be gender-blind, which is the sort of bone-headed idealization of the real world that might inform a high-concept Star Trek episode.

I don’t want to delve too deeply into feminism or the bizarro world of men’s rights here.

And if the celebrity can’t reasonably control the social demand placed on them, they must leave.

Women live in a world where sexual harassment is a very real problem, where men being assertive can be perceived to be threatening, and where women feel like they need to be on their guard in case a friendly gesture is misinterpreted.

Men don’t have the same problem because the social stakes are not loaded: it’s a lot easier for a man to brush off the advances of another man, and take it as an ego boost.

The number of straight (or bi) male furries far outweighs the number of straight (or bi) female furries.

Around 1 in 5 furries are female, and some of those are gay or asexual.

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