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I could’ve broken you to know more, trespassed through the sacred, pressed far beyond the threshold to see what you really waited… THIS WAS BEFORE GOLTER WAS A SOLDIER OF CHRIST IN THIS PICTURE HES A SOLIDER OF SPEED!! AN OLD BEAT UP MOUNTAIN BOMBER SNAPPING PICS OF THE NEW GENERATION OF HILL KILLERS!! DOWNHILL WOULD NOT BE WHERE IT IS TODAY WITHOUT THE POWER OF GRAVITY AND BIKER SHERLOCK!!! REST IN PEACE DREGG WISH IT NEVER HAD TO BE LIKE THIS...tears and a broken heart I love you.... GARY HARDWICK IN THE FRONT AND MARK GOLTER IN THE YELLOW!! AFTER 14 YEARS OF COAST THIS IS WHAT IT HAS BECOME!!! The poster is the most important part of starting an event!!! You have helped me express my energy through these posters for all these years I’m thankful and grateful beyond words what you have meant to this event and the 17 years I’ve been pulling this together with an amazing community!!!! LOCATED ON TOP OF CANADAS BEST KEPT SECRET DOWNHILL PARADISE!!!!! "Huge thanks goes out to the legendary Attack of Danger Bay poster Designer @bamfordjason This marks his 10th Attack of Danger Bay poster!!!!

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