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In a modest reform in April, the government announced that the religious police no longer had the authority to pursue or detain civilians, and that they could operate only during business hours, reporting violations to the civil police.The religious police had faced public criticism for abusive behavior in recent years.The king also appoints the 150 members of the Majlis al-Shura (Consultative Council), who serve in an advisory capacity, for four-year terms.Limited elections for advisory councils at the municipal level were introduced in 2005, though these bodies exercise little real power.

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PARIS French President Emmanuel Macron has claimed credit for solving a political crisis in Lebanon last year and stated publicly that Saudi Arabia had held Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri for several weeks. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and high-ranking North Korean official Kim Yong Chol enter a second day of meetings in New York on Thursday as they try to settle nuclear weapons disagreements and set the stage for an historic summit between their two leaders.Women won approximately 1 percent of contested seats.In May 2016, King Salman announced significant changes to the cabinet.Saudi internal security forces continued their oppression of the Shiite religious minority.In January, the authorities executed a prominent Shiite cleric and outspoken critic of the regime, Nimr al-Nimr.

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