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Carmen crawled over to Johnny’s lap and unzipped his pants.

She pulled his cock out and started to stroke it.“Oh fuck yes,” Johnny moaned.

"She's leaving for Europe right after..was the only weekend that fit," he said, then added, "I'm hoping you'll get her to come son.

I know, I know," he said seeing my grimace, "but I'd sure appreciate it." "I'll try dad," I promised, caught between my love for him and my love for my mom and sis.

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She was a screamer and even the supposed sound proof construction of dad's new house couldn't muffle Katrina's groans of pleasure as she writhed under his big prick. Had watched them late one night, had stood in the darkened hallway outside their room, naked, my throbbing prick in hand, as dad had pounded deep inside of her.

2 - Katrina March 16th 2006 She knocked on my door the next morning ten minutes after dad had left for work. And for some reason she'd chosen sixty-two year old dad.

"I know you're angry...maybe hate me," she started after venturing a few feet into the room. "Breaking up marriages...fucking old men for their money," I accused my soon to be new step-mother. I never even knew your father until he'd left your mom." "Christ, you're twenty-three. " Except the truth was that Katrina Molotov was about the hottest babe you could hope to find. I'd had a hard-on for her since the day dad had brought her home and introduced her to me three months ago.

”“I’m doing good but you don’t look so happy.”“I just got fired from my shitty job.”“You should come hang out at my pad and get your mind off this shit.”“Alright that sounds chill.” Carmen followed Roberto to his car. Roberto’s friend Johnny was sitting in the passenger seat texting on his phone.

The back seat was full of laundry and boxes.“You’re going to have to ride up front with Johnny Carmen,” Roberto said.“It’s cool but your friend looks like he’s fifteen, are you sure he can handle me on his lap?

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