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a) How the recklessness, incompetence, selfishness, and malevolence of British Petroleum (BP), the Obama Administration, and their handlers rise to a level beyond ordinary criminality.

Please see the transcript of his interview with Alex Jones.

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[Editor's Note: My biggest activist efforts right now are to encourage the American fishing and shipping industries -- and their European counterparts -- to aggressively push for independent verification of oil and gas flow in the Gulf of Mexico, and the extent of pollution throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic -- to include the use of mobile robotics.

This is only one of many necessary first steps that must be taken The pollution could eventually threaten Marine phytoplankton on a global scale, which according to NASA produce 50-90% of the oxygen we breath, depending on the seasons.

There is overwhelming evidence that these entities not only of the BP-Gulf "Oil 9/11" (see the Alex Jones interview with Officer Jack Mc Lamb, who describes a deliberate bomb explosion) but have also ruthlessly exacerbated it for their own extremely selfish gains, to include "disaster capitalism," "graft," "liability cover-up," and "constitutional usurpation." Once BP executives learned that the Deepwater Horizon well was in serious trouble, they probably timed the explosion in a way that gave insiders time to sell out and blame the results of their incompetence and recklessness on some kind of "accident." Once oil and gas started flowing at a horrendous rate out of the sea floor into the Gulf, high level crooks covered it over with the toxic dispersant Co, and denied responsibility.In my "Number of Leak Sites, Underground Structural Problems" section below, I list numerous update articles that explain why we should not trust BP's claim that by 19 September it had cemented the original Deepwater Horizon/Macondo Well in two places and effectively ended the leakage crisis; to the contrary, there is considerable evidence of continued leakage from fractures in the seafloor surrounding the original well site.Worse yet, BP has not only turned away myriad international offers of help in an extremely serious crisis with global ramifications that requires "all hands on deck," but has also needlessly endangered the lives of tens of millions of Americans by using the highly toxic and dysfunctional dispersant Corexit -- banned in the UK and North Sea -- for purely cosmetic purposes.The Rothschilds were heavily involved in developing railroads and later working through John D. This evil power elite has repeatedly demonstrated complete contempt for Americans and their institutions which favor human dignity and personal liberty.Rockefeller to monopolize oil in 19th century America. President Andrew Jackson once stated "You are a den of vipers and I intend to route you out, and by God I will" --and came within a hair of being assassinated by the Rothschilds.

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