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Employing an alternative that allows for automated data centralization and data mashup is useful because it can cut down on your resource waste and improve ROI with faster insights. Keep in mind that the variety, amount, and velocity of data your organization is collecting will likely grow along with you.Consider where you are now and where you want to go as your company matures.For some organizations, this is not a problem, especially if their concern pertains to analyzing historical data.On the other hand, for organizations that require more immediate visualizations of data as well as the ability to interact with them, BI tools are better suited.In business intelligence, for instance, the substantial amounts of data and precision required during analysis means that using only Excel can be limiting for a few reasons.

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This simplicity also becomes a complication when you're seeking a more large-scale reporting tool and analytics platform.Choose a solution that takes manual updating of data out of your users' hands and ensures accuracy in real time.BI puts a great premium on centralizing relevant data from multiple channels into a single dashboard for efficiency and better insights.This process is not a problem if your organization is small or if your data streams are more limited, but as your organization grows and changes it will become hard to keep pace manually.However, if you collect data from multiple sources, as well as continuously, Excel can become the limiting factor overshadowing the quality of your insights.

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