Eddy lipstick dating

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If you're lucky enough to spot a girl in red lipstick (especially in the daytime), be sure to stop and tell her how amazing she looks, for wearing lipstick is becoming an increasingly thankless job (same goes for girls who brave heels before 7pm).Wearing red lipstick is the ultimate cosmetic commitment, and in a time when flippancy and promiscuity are the norm, it’s no mystery why so many girls shy away from the RED.The original screen sirens of our country coined the trend of red lipstick: Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to name a mere few.

Velvet, matte, cream textured lipstick that’s rich in hue is the epitome of indulgence, high-brow sophistication and affluence.

red (I wouldn't dare be so unimaginative) -- I’m referring to the myriad of colors that fall into the unapologetically BOLD category.

Your version of the "red lip" can be an intimidating, ever-luxurious purple, to a sexy velvet-textured crimson, to a berry so deep it reads almost black when lit by the soft glow of candlelight.

Anyone who has ever ventured into the world of youth-infested nightlife has bared witness to the overabundance of girls wearing their desperation directly on the skin-tight sleeves of their polyester bodycon dresses. The girl in the red lipstick quite frankly doesn’t give two sh*ts if she makes out with anyone at all.

What makes these girls so transparently overeager is the non-committal sheer lip gloss gleaming from their basic lips, which they're OBVIOUSLY wearing out fear of scaring off the unfortunate souls they're attempting to lock lips with at 4am. That’s not her mission; that’s not why she’s there.

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