Dominic west dating

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Adeel Akhtar and Olivia Colman have also been cast as Monsieur and Madame Thenardier with Ellie Bamber as Cosette, Josh O'Connor as Marius, and Erin Kellyman as Eponine.

The six-part miniseries, which is a co-production between BBC Studios and Lookout Point for BBC Masterpiece, is based on Victor Hugo's classic novel of the same name instead of the well-known musical adaptation.

It would appear that Dominic West has mellowed somewhat since his days playing blue-collar Baltimore cop Jimmy Mc Nulty in hit HBO drama The Wire.

Having garnered quite the reputation as a ladies’ man, the ruggedly handsome actor has shed his lothario image and is now very much settled down with his wife, landscape gardener Catherine Fitzgerald and their three children, Dora, 10, Senan, 8, and Francis, 7.

Yeah, I’ve been dining off this for a long time, bragging about it to all the other parents for two years. The film is set one year after the 2003 original and finds our finned friends – Nemo, his father Marlin and of course, Dory (voiced by Ellen De Generes) – living peacefully in the reef.

One day, amnesiac Dory has a flashback from her childhood and decides to track down her parents who lived at the Jewel of Morro Bay in California, leading the trio on another madcap adventure where they encounter dangerous giant squids, a seven legged octopus and a confused beluga whale who is unable to echolocate.

West said neither actor knew what the other was paid, but he supported his co-star in the wake of her comments.

The family lives in a three-storey 19th century house in Shepherds Bush, which the couple converted from flats back into a singular family home and filled with art and ornaments, books and trinkets from their travels and bright textiles, creating an air of sophisticated bohemia.

Having embraced his role as a hands-on family man, West was understandably delighted when he got the call asking him to voice a lazy sea lion in Finding Dory, the follow up to Disney Pixar’s animated monster-hit Finding Nemo and admits that a huge part of taking the role was to impress his children, who reacted gleefully: “Jaws, floor, game over.

“In fact she should get paid more because she won a Golden Globe for the part,” West told Channel 4 news in the U. “There was absolutely no reason for her to get paid less than me, and that’s part of what is being hopefully confronted now.

You can’t get away with it anymore, and there’s no reason why a producer should get away with that.” West was put on the spot after Wilson had told the Radio Times she got paid less than her male peers, including her co-star on “The Affair,” which has been renewed for a fourth season.

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