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Like any over-worked, under-appreciated wife and mother, I have very little free time.But when I find a few precious moments, I LOVE to read.But what I really love is writing romance--the hotter the better!I started my first novel back in high school and have been writing ever since.Despite working opposite schedules, Bree and Alex develop a loving relationship that culminates with their marriage in Cross Fire.

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Martin's Pres I've always been an incurable romantic.I wondered if Dead-End Dating would have any spin-offs? Even though you wrapped things up, it should would have been nice to see a few more books in it. Hi Naomi, Yes we are planning a spin-off for Dead End Dating.I actually want to do a novella featuring the wedding with Ty and all the fun surrounding it. I hope to have an ETA on more Dead End Dating books soon.From Alex’s first wife being married to his various girlfriends moving away due to his job, Cross has terrible luck with women.Almost every woman Alex meets ends up dead, traumatized, or moving away.

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