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I'm taking her on a date and that's it." Clarke responded matter-o-factly. Clarke Griffin - Lexa tossed her phone on the bed as she got up to go shower.Once she was all clean, she moved to her closet to find an outfit for her date.She drove back to her apartment complex, and parked her car.They walked upstairs, and when Lexa went to get off at Clarke's floor, she was stopped by a hand grabbing onto her forearm.

Her mom worked as a surgeon and was constantly in and out of the office, while her classes swarmed her with work."And class, and Anya's work schedule, and Aden's practice times. "Clarke your the life of the party, you have to come with!" Raven questioned."Mmhhm""The sex better be worth skipping drinks.""Oh my god Raven! " Raven thrust her hips off the couch while wiggling her eyebrows at Clarke, who rolled her eyes and got up from the couch, then made her way to her room."Hey where are you going? ""I'm going to take a nap.""You just got up...""Fine then I'm going back to bed."Clarke kicked her door shut and fell face first on to her bed, letting herself fall into the darkness of sleep.After much deliberation she decided to throw on her army green cargo jacket, figuring it would get colder throughout the night. Commander barreled towards the door, barking in excitement for their visitor.Lexa opened the door, to her beautiful blonde date, and Commander jumped at her when she entered the threshold."Commander, down!

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