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The hinge is made up of 3 barrels - one center, usually connected to the bottom hinge plate and 2 outside, connected to the top hinge plate.

The bottom of the lighter case is flat and the edges are squared off.

The windscreen has 16 holes and the cap pressure bar pivot pin area is a part of the windscreen.

Refer to the diagram below for location of fuel chamber. Remove screw and spring and drop out fragment of worn Flint. Replace spring with screw but do not tighten till you have operated lighter several times to smooth rough edges of Flint.

5th shows the Patent Pending bottom stamp1938/39 Metallique - "Bliss" with 4 barrel, unmarked insert, u-shaped cam stop. was a US specialist manufacturer of heavy machinery & during WW2 manufactured torpedoes.

It continues to manufacture heavy machinery today but has been bought out by another company.1939/40 Barcroft - all original first model, #10 Table Lighter or "One step" Barcroft with 4 barrel hinge, u-shaped cam stop, factory engraved signature, full length 14 hole chimney insert with horizontal grooves on the striker wheel, 4.5" tall.

When wick fails to burn properly after re-fueling it should be replaced.

Pull out old wick - do not attempt to unscrew wick-holder - remove old cotton wool.

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