Dating website for chronic illness

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She notes the importance of remembering the strong foundation, and to think ahead to ensure you don’t end up in a position or situation that might be uncomfortable, or for which you’re not ready.

Kira herself won’t go to a man’s house for a while, until she feels ready.

“I read books about pain and female pain, and they were all pretty negative about your relationship potential.” She used her life coach experience to write about how we overcome the obstacle and create what we want. After working in restaurant management and hospital administration, she went back to school to become a paralegal.

She experienced burnout in that career, and decided to go a different route.

Using her background as a life coach and someone who lives with multiple chronic illnesses, the author covers many aspects of dating and relationships.

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“I created what I was looking for,” Kira said of writing her book.Follow Lene on Twitter @The Seated View and on Facebook. Our good friend Paul updated his web site for dating. Click HERE to meet others with chronic illnesses or find love.In this, Kira explains her number one piece of advice for them is to not to be the primary caregiver.“It changes the balance of power, and can lead to powerlessness and insecurity for the sick partner, and resentment for the healthy person.

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