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Will she show him the light of life, and love, or will he leave when he gets settled? And what unexpected guest or guests shows up at the academy? How will the couple handle everything that is going on? She moves from Seattle to New York to fulfill her families dying wishes. Follow her as she grows up, and follows her parent's legacy when another disaster strikes. Note: It'll take a while to get to the disaster part, so if you aren't patient I wouldn't suggest reading (no offense to anyone) Note II: This used to be called Not Your Average Pregnancy, but I changed the plot a lot. What will happen when Rose finds out that he has the same feelings for her? After Dimitri slept with Rose in the cabin, she got pregnant.

Clary and Isabelle are the cliche popular girls; they like teasing boys and hooking up with them. Dimitri Belikov is a heartless businessman who cares little for both himself and others around him. But who can save her after Dimitri has corrupted her heart and soul. Rose found a note saying that he left her for Tasha. The moroi world is outmoded and outdated, but change always occurs. What will happen when she starts her new life on the wrong foot, What will happen when a certain golden boy takes interest in her? (I do not own TMI,) (HIATUS)The only thing more annoying than her older brother Jonathon? The only person who somehow manages to weasel his way into her heart like a worn into an apple? Rose went to her most trusted friend " Lissa" and told her.

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The new story will be in the third person under a new name.Rose hates Tasha, but when Lissa asks Rose to come along to pick Christian and Tasha up from the airport Rose goes anyway. Clary Fray, a young 17 year old girl who lost everything. Aria is five months pregnant with her husband Ezra's baby when a strange man snatches her off the street, and holds her hostage in a small room. (Warning: Rape and Abuse)Rose is in love with her instructor Dimitri.What happens when she meets a lonely soldier, and invites him to stay at her home until he gets settled in. Much more twists and different way of things ;)Clary Fray and Jace Herondale find out that Clary is pregnant. Something is going on with the Clave and Jace is determined to find out. She embarks on a new journey as she faces the lost of her family. How will she raise her child in captivity, and will she ever be reunited with Ezra? But thrown into the mix is the fact that they both get kidnapped by Strigoi.What if the lust charm had a lasting effect on Rose Hathaway, and revealed a secret she never wanted to be told? Follow the story as their simultaneous lives unravel. Though her life becomes far from a little complicated as a dangerous force comes into play and suddenly has her fighting for her life alongside the man she thought she hated. Rose Hathaway is a sassy girl who has had her own experience with love but...wait, is she in love, again?Blood is thicker than water, but what happens when you mix them together? And this time with the hottest bad boy at Saint Vladimir's? *COMPLETE* (editing is ongoing)Rose and Dimitri had accepted the fact that they would never have biological children.

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