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Not at all, they are used in UK SEO for PBN all the time.

Everything above applies only to countries with a Whois server that returns a creation date. If you are more paranoid and think Google checks Whois of uk and the others that have it (though data shows otherwise) you can always stick to the countries that Google cannot see the creation date for.

And our knowledge of the details for catching in all countries makes us the only truly global SEO domains provider.

After us, there is nothing good left and if you think there is, your criteria are either lower than ours or you have very narrow niche requirements (we would leave behind an ugly bugs blog with 5 links but if you are in the pest control niche it could work for you).

Does this mean expired domains are not used successfully for PBN?

Small countries' good available domains are rapidly plucked out too.

Whatever domain we miss or leave behind is taken by the industrial size scrapers that sell PBN domains in bulk. This is why we have killed our finders fee services for available domains and sell directly the databases at - where you can directly buy everything the whole world scrapes for. Scrapers (especially the ones searching for domains) remind me of this: “The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.” (Confucius) - when everything good is registered at the drop WTF are you searching for in competition with thousands of others like you These services are well made but you're missing the whole point - this would be like using most (but not all) of our database without the domain catching know how and sharing the bounty with 10 000 users of the service in question.

Expired domains have been the core work of my life in the last 6 years.

I no longer follow SEO trends and couldn't tell you shit about local search or microformats.

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