Dating rock layers worksheet Local sluts

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| Teaching Weathering, Erosion, & Deposition | | Teaching the Metric System | Teaching the Water Cycle | Teaching Plate Tectonics | Teaching Earthquakes | Teaching Volcanoes | | Teaching Experimental Design | Teaching Geologic History | Teaching Weather & Climate | Teaching the Branches of Earth Science | Teaching Astronomy |You can purchase materials from STI for your classroom using a School Purchase Order!Order the Complete Program or order what you need to complete your set.Also includes: Weathering PPT, Erosion PPT, Deposition PPT, Weathering Walk PPT, Factors Influencing Weathering PPT, Soils PPT, Soil Horizons PPT, Soil Conservation PPT, and Weathering Bingo PPT. I’ve been doing something like the “Weathering Walk” for years but it just hasn’t been as productive as I would like and this sounds like a much better way. "Just wanted to drop another THANK YOU, Aunt Marcia. I made minor adjustments to the PPT so that students get a chance to guess what's coming next. " But now I limit the time they have to use their scissors (5 min) and then I take the scissors back and launch into the lesson. ] Your observation about the cut and paste worksheets being so much better than their own notes is 150% correct! Also includes: Seismic Waves & Earthquake Sound Effects PPTs!

) and not only did I NOT get any grumbling, they were completely dialed in! Also includes: Volcano Images PPT, Types of Volcanoes PPT, and Hot Spots PPT.

Note from a Teacher: I am a veteran teacher of 24 years who teaches in a dual language program.

This is my 2nd year teaching Science and I'm not satisfied with the way it has been going. I have always been a hands-on interactive teacher, but because of my added responsibilities at school, I absolutely have no time to hunt anything down! Just having a compilation of the different topics will make everything so much easier.

So excited to use more active learning now that I'm back in the classroom! detailed lesson plans & ideas, bellwork and journal suggestions, labs and worksheets with answers, tests & quizzes with answers, active learning suggestions including a Water Cycle Foldable, and many Team Game suggestions you can run off on colored paper.

Also includes: Water Cycle and Groundwater Power Points!

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