Dating older women in cape town

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In focus group interviews, the men described a set pattern of behaviour.

"From Monday to Friday they'd have their regular girlfriends, then on Friday afternoons they'd meet with their mates, maybe have a braai [barbeque], then go to the shebeens to meet women, and that would continue until Sunday afternoon," Chopra said.

Profile of a sugar daddy At the end of 2006, Chopra led a study in Cape Town, in Western Cape Province, that looked at the sexual risk behaviour of 420 men aged 25 and over, and who had had sex with more than one woman at least five years younger in the previous three months.

The age difference between the men and their partners was less critical than the economic disparity and the "power differential" it created, he told IRIN/Plus News.

"If someone tells me he has 10 girlfriends, I'll be thinking, 'who is this fool? Having many partners is a sign you're still immature," says Moses.

A two-way street of "extras" Just a few blocks from Nelson Mandela's former, modest home in an area of Soweto called Orlando is Nambitha's, a popular spot for traditional African food at non-traditional prices and one of a number of establishments in the township catering to the Black Diamond crowd.

"We come to Soweto to eat good food and see good people," says Moses, 32, [not his real name], a shipping industry executive from the east-cost city of Durban.

"It's a lot more relaxed here in terms of culture; I mean, when we shout, no one's going to tell us to keep our voices down." Moses is well-acquainted with The Rock, which he describes as a notorious pick-up joint.

"There are too many beautiful girls there: it's too tempting," says his colleague, Xolani [not his real name], a married 38-year-old who lives in one of the city's northern suburbs.

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