Dating older men with young children

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Ryan addresses the issue of prehistoric mortality in his book.

For some reason, we think that life expectancy is a good measure of this, though it is simply an average.

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After bemoaning the ubiquity of this pattern of attraction, we come to the nub: "What seems harmless and natural, however, is neither." Schwyzer argues—or seems to—that this isn't, in fact, happening in response to any innate biological desire men hold for women in their most fertile years, despite the overwhelming biological evidence in support of such a view. You're going to cite a to refute the overwhelmingly accepted understanding that men are attracted to women at the prime of their fertility due to innate, evolved tendencies? The authors conclude that an age difference of 4-6 years (man older) is optimal for greater fecundity, that partners should be the same age.It's like arguing that smoking doesn't cause cancer without including smokers in your study. It's hard not to conclude that much of the appeal is about the hope of finding someone less demanding.A man in his 40s who wants to date women in their 20s is making the same calculation as the man who pursues a 'mail-order bride' from a country with less egalitarian values.To back up his thesis that this isn't a reflection of a "natural" desire on men's part, Schwyzer cites a 2007 study done in Sweden (though linking only to an article in The Economist that briefly mentions the study). Here's the first paragraph of their discussion at the end of the paper: "We show that the offspring count of both men and women who did not change their partner (i.e.the other parent) between the birth of their first and last child increased, .

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