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Subtropes include Older Alter Ego, a magical ability for younger kids to temporarily turn into adults and back, and Plot-Relevant Age-Up, the same permanently.Similar, but not to be confused with Artistic Age, where this is due to art rather than in-story causes.Little did the guards know that Melissa was passing seven tiny balloons filled with meth into Anthony’s mouth.He swallowed them, planning to pass them in the bathroom later and retrieve them from the toilet. The balloons ruptured in Powell’s stomach, and he died of an overdose.

When she turned him down because of his marital status, he began to stalk her. Finally, Daggett thought that she had met a great guy.

Gray hair, a prematurely receding hairline, generally cause someone to look older.

Certain types of facial hair also can make a younger man seem older.

Some characters are Older Than They Look (much older, even). Maybe they're robots, clones, some other kind of artificial construct, or just unhealthy.

Maybe there's a supernatural reason, such as a curse.

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