Dating meeting his children

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From what Mike has told me, his ex just up and left him and he has to care for the kids.

As any woman would be, I am curious about the ex and I want to know more about what happened in the marriage but I don't want to put Mike on the spot.

I get it's exciting but you have a child, and this person has truth/reality issue. You are already putting yourself at a disadvantage by acting like you don't deserve answers... anon Sorry to sound harsh, but since Mike's money seems to be what you find most appealing about him, it sounds like you'll need to move on to someone who can give you the ''glamorous lifestyle'' you are looking for.

anon If I were you, I'd be really wary of this guy.

Basing a relationship on a 'romance or fantasy' --on what you hope this guy will be- is a train wreck waiting to happen !! People [men and women] lie when they see that they can 'get something' from the other person. Phil, and see all the gullible women who 'fall for men' and then are conned out of money, their homes, everything. That he wasn't telling you the truth of how he acquired his money !!

I am so glad that you went down and looked at his divorce records !! I know you like him, and if men are charming, good looking, or you're so lonely that just to be with someone [anyone !

He may think you have more money than you do and be looking for a replacement for his ex to bleed dry.

I think I would steer clear and look for someone more honest.

You also have to tell him that you don't own the business..will be a big 'test' of where he's coming from. He's lied to you now, and what comes out of his mouth from now on- can you trust and believe what he says to you ? Phil] : '' The best predictor of future behavior- is past behavior''.

He's telling you stories [lying] to you] of how he acquired his wealth.

If he's lying to you about something like this, then there are more lies to come.

I'd also ask yourself what made you feel the need to be dishonest about not owning your business and do some work on that. This is about why you would even consider dating someone who clearly isn't who he says he says.

Maybe by being more genuine yourself, you will meet someone else more genuine? What does being intimated by the wife have to do with anything?

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