Dating laws in texas

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The new laws, named “Romeo and Juliet laws” after Shakespeare’s tragic teenage lovers, attempt to correct overly harsh penalties and prison terms meted out over the years.

In 2007, these laws went into effect in Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, and Texas.

If you are still having sexual relations with your spouse as well as your new boyfriend or girlfriend, you risk receiving a disproportionately small share of marital property.

If you give your spouse a sexually transmitted disease, kiss even more property goodbye.

The Romeo and Juliet laws are frequently enforced unfairly says Mark Chaffin, a researcher with the University of Oklahoma-based National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth.

"In many cases, they are enforced largely by how angry the parents of the younger party are."One well-publicized case demonstrating the need for Romeo and Juliet legislation is that of Genarlow Wilson, a 17-year-old who was imprisoned for having consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old female.

However, if you and your spouse have simply "moved on," and the marriage is clearly over for all intents and purposes, some judges might view the relationship as irrelevant.

A new relationship during the divorce process could cost you monetary support and/or hurt your chances for obtaining the best outcome in a division of the marital property.

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But because the law states that partners must be members of the opposite sex, ​Limon was given a 17-year sentence.An athlete and honor student, Wilson was videotaped at a New Year’s Eve celebration engaging in oral sex and was sentenced to ten years for aggravated child molestation.After serving jail time from 2003-2007, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Wilson should be released; and this decision was followed by a change in state law that reduced consensual sex between teenagers to a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of one year.Cases that may lead to an overturned designation would involve a victim who is age 14-17 and has agreed to consensual sex; the offender would have to be no more than 4 years older than the victim and have no other sex crimes on his record.For teenagers who are gay or lesbian and engage in consensual sex, the laws are much tougher.

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