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As with chain mail the weight falls mainly on the wearer's shoulders and waist. It is a suit of leather armor with many small overlapping metal plates or scales sewn to the coat and leggings or to a skirted coat. More than weapons, nothing says "you ain't in Kansas no more" like all the weird and wonderful personal protection suits that those crazy PCs and NPCs carry around. It is popular among town militias, bandit gangs, light troops and skirmishers on modern societies who cannot afford better armors. If some lunatic decides he does want a suit of "bronze plate mail" that looks like the real thing, just have it needing to be made-order, keep the same stats and double the base cost.(AC 4, stats on first post)Ring mail is made of relatively soft leather or padding armor with sewn metal rings along its surface, making it heavier and bulkier than normal leathers.

Assuming there is one for sale it will fetch ya a tidy 800gp (100x2, plus x2 for culture, plus x2 for location). No explanation for this rear detriment was ever forthcoming, but we will maintain it for the sake of armor price progression in the game. However its quality is not as good as regular plate mail, its construction makes the wearer more vulnerable to attacks from the rear, so that such attacks are made at 2 “to hit” in addition to other bonuses that may apply. And don't you This armor shares somes similarities to ring mail. What about the difference between HAUBERKS and BYRNIES? Why is SCALE only made of metal, what about leather and horn? So no moaning on how "chain mail" is an erroneous pleonasm because both words mean the same thing.

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