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Rather, a unique number is used to track each client.Additionally, service providers enter all services provided by staff and volunteers.Financial supporters of the AIDS Info Net are identified on this site at The AIDS Info Net originally provided its materials in English and Spanish. Opioid Replacement Therapy The Info Net updates its Fact Sheets frequently.Through collaborative agreements with AIDS service organizations and individuals in various countries, the Info Net fact sheets are available in a growing range ot languages. A listing of each month's changes is posted to several e-mail lists.The type of victimization and severity of abuse is also captured, as well as victim interactions with legal and health care systems.Data are also entered about the abuser’s involvement with the criminal justice system, including arrests, charges filed, case dispositions, and sentences.Information is added to a client’s record over time, creating a history of services and events.Information that could be used to identify a client, such as name or birth date, is not entered into Info Net.

The primary purposes of Info Net are to: Basic information about all victims (clients) who receive services from a community based service provider is entered into Info Net, including demographics, health insurance, employment, education, marital status, income source, referral source, and special needs.Your browser should then give you the option of saving the file.To use Microsoft Word 97 (*.doc) documents, you must have Microsoft Word 97 software. Earlier versions of Word cannot be used to view and print Word 97 documents, unless you download and install Word 97 Converter from Microsoft. Opioid Replacement Therapy The Info Net updates its Fact Sheets frequently.You can use the "Print" command on your Internet browser software to print out any Fact Sheet you are viewing. This format seems to be the easiest to print out and read. The Info Net Fact Sheets were designed to fit on a single page in a 3-column format.

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