Dating flav flavor show valentines day dating events

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(Even if its just to get they're point across.) People keep naming all of these other places they've seen Flavs contestants on before, but basically who cares?

If they tried to get on the WWE who cares,if they were on Next oh well,if they're not virgins lol so what...

Listening to his songs now like "911 Is A Joke" "Fight the Power" or "Cold Lampin With Flavor" would barely begin to even give you a little insight into how fresh he was, but you'll never really know or understand how hot or dope lines like "Flavor Flav, the flav of all flavors, onion & garlic, french fried potatos" really were back in the day.

(Hoping I can still quote that right without having to Google it or break out the cassette tapes.) At a time when White people or Caucasians,from Friday Night Videos(the big video show on Network TV) to MTV wouldn't even play Rap or Black music.

(Although I do like Lil Kim, Trina, & the like) I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for my B-Girls, smarter than your average university coed, sharper in her world politics & history than your local anchor woman, yet cooler than your average rapper...

I wish that Flav had a B-girl on the show like Erykah Badu or Missy Elliot. Now that being said I think some people are taking Reality TV too serious, its just a TV show.

It centers around Public Enemy Hype Man and Large Ham Flavor Flav finding true love, after his breakup with Brigitte Nielsen.

I myself liked Red Oyster & was hoping she would win although I have to admit Pumpkin was probably the hottest.

, making them one of the most iconic reality TV couples ever and kicking off Tiffany's career as a reality show veteran.

I wouldn't care if my local weatherman had been on Seinfield or even that the Governor of Minnesota had been on the WWF...

Arnold Schwarzenegger the Governor of California was on the Dating Game trying to get famous before he was famous!

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