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Over the next month, we'll be taking a closer look at some of the heroes (and one nasty villain) who make up the greatest alliance in the history of comic books. We'll answer all this and more so if you ever get a shot at an ultimate alliance with a superhero, you'll know what to do. And if you hop over to IGN Comics you can decide which character(s) you should play as when the game hits stores. He has access to everyone from succubi to ethereal waifs, so you better be something special to trap him under your own spell.

As committed as we are to fine ladies, we also like to talk about dating here on IGN Babes. If you're a big enough nerd, you've probably already pondered what it would take to date a superhero. Origin: Stephen Strange's career as a surgeon came to an abrupt end when a car accident robbed him of his digital dexterity. He's a mystic and a weaver of dark magics&#Array; all in all, pretty in tune with the multiverse.

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Maybe this has happened to you: you get a match on Tinder or find someone on OKCupid who seems to be absolutely perfect for you.

Part of the way we start end the damage that toxic masculinity does and help heal some […] Harris O'Malley (AKA Dr. I do have some issues that I’d like to ask about though, but I should probably start with some backstory.I’m a 23 year old man, whom has suffered chronic general and social anxiety, three […] Recently, we’ve been talking about toxic masculinity and all of the ways that it damages men on the individual level and society on the whole.The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told Too Fab in October that the split from her ex was harder than she ever imagined - despite the fact they have been battling in out since he filed for separation on July 30, 2012.'Going through a divorce is difficult at best,' she said.Hey Doc, I’ve been reading your blog for about half a year now, as well as your new book on surviving relationships, and I gotta thank you for your pearls of wisdom, you’ve led me from not knowing the first thing about flirting to being in my first real relationship.

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