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The noun bedrock has signified the hard rock underlying alluvial mineral deposits since about 1850 and has been used figuratively to denote "bottom" since the 1860s.

The origin of the first phrase, dating from the late 1800s, is disputed.

The longer expression make [someone’s] beard without a razor carries this power to the limit—it is a euphemism for ‘behead.’ride herd on To dominate completely, to tyrannize; to crack the whip, to whip into line or shape, to maintain strict order and discipline; to drive hard, to oppress, to harass.

The expression comes from the practice of driving cattle by riding along the outer edge of the herd, thus keeping their movement and progress under tight control.

Though the expression makes perfect sense when seen as stemming from the imperious habits of gamecocks, its origin more likely lies in a corruption of rule the roast, common in England since the mid-16th century but itself of uncertain origin. Gilbert’s use of the phrase:settle [someone’s] hash To subdue, control, suppress, or otherwise inhibit; to squelch someone’s enthusiasm; to give a comeuppance; to make mincemeat of; to get rid of or dispose of someone.

As used in some early citations, roast appears to suggest a council or ruling body of some sort. S., it remains more common in England than rule the roost. This expression alludes to hash as a jumbled mess; therefore, to settle [someone’s] hash originally meant to kill someone, implying that his murder settles, once and for all, the jumble of his mental and emotional woes.

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The Kingston Public Library’s Local History Room holds thousands of photographic images: prints of all sorts, lantern slides, glass and plastic negatives, tiny tintypes; you name it and I’d bet we’ve got one.

This expression refers to the practice of leading some animals by their noses; horses and asses, for example, are guided by means of a bit and bridle, while cattle and camels frequently have a ring through the nose.This expression alludes to the stereotypic male dominance over women.In common usage, the expression usually refers to a domineering wife who, in essence, controls the a high hand Overbearingly, arbitrarily, arrogantly, imperiously, tyrannically, dictatorially.One of the challenges and delights of describing Kingston’s historic photographs for the Digital Commonwealth lies in identifying places, figuring out what they are and what they’ve been called, then when I’m lucky, uncovering and disambiguating the hidden corners of the past.(See also MANIPULATION, VICTIMIZATION.)browbeat To intimidate by stern looks or words; to bully; to push around.

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