Dating customs in france

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The removal of the security and economic checks at the border, and the growing economic integration between Northern Ireland and the Republic as well as with the rest of the United Kingdom is an important part of ending a conflict in which more than 3,000 people died.

But whilst we agree that more customs declarations could be done online in advance, evidence given to six different Commons committees shows that this won’t be sufficient to avoid all border infrastructure or checks and still won’t prevent the burdensome form filling and rules of origin checks.

That is why it was the overwhelming conclusion of committee chairs – including those who voted leave and who voted remain, supporters and opponents of a customs union – that backbench MPs should get the chance of an early constructive debate and vote on this crucial issue, not bound by the party whips, but informed by committee evidence instead.

As two of those chairs, we both believe the case for a customs union is overwhelming - for the sake of British manufacturing, international trade, smooth borders and Northern Ireland peace.

But as the Northern Ireland Committee concluded last month, there are no technical solutions, anywhere in the world, “beyond the aspirational”, that would remove the need for physical infrastructure at the border.

The police have warned that even customs cameras to check number plates at the border may become a security target for dissident groups.

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