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“Lina has also moved on with a new partner.” The former couple bonded over their love of art.

Lina was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Women in Middle Eastern Art last year and has earned her crust as a specialist at Sotheby’s since 2006.

The pop superstar was performing the last song of the evening at her sold-out Piece of Me residency when a fan invaded the gig and lunged at her.

Britney, in a skimpy red outfit, was so engrossed in singing Til The World Ends that she didn't notice the man clambering on stage behind until her security unit leaped to her defence.

I can reveal Saudi billionaire Hassan, whose family has dealership rights to Toyota cars, had been married before he started his relationship with the Bajan superstar.

In a sign of what may be to come for Rihanna, he tied the knot with art expert Lina Lazaar at a luxury ceremony at the Paris Opera House in 2012.

Out came the stories of how Ms Battle had taken to stardom - which was not very well as it turned out.

In the manner of some who get a special lift in life from an innate advantage, a guardian angel, a stroke of good fortune, or simply hard work, Ms Battle was swept away by the pomposity and grandeur of it all and forgot even those who had helped her to climb the last and most difficult steps near the top.

SHE' S at her most comfortable when she's on stage but BRITNEY SPEARS couldn't wait to get off it in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

After a row with JEMMA LUCY, Sarah sobbed: “I can’t take much more of this. Her family surprised her with the artwork, featuring her bum and bust, after they attended a KENDRICK LAMAR concert to celebrate her 20th birthday. THE family of singer CHRIS CORNELL has commissioned a statue in his honour.

The memorial is set to be erected in his home town of Seattle, US.

A great cheer echoed round the empty opera house at the Lincoln Centre.

Kathleen Battle, who has one of the loveliest voices in opera today but who off-stage had rocked the forces of decorum and rectitude at the Met for more than a decade, had been banished.

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