Dating action now wild girls

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"I thought it was cool that [the girls] got all the attention, and the guys obviously liked it.

I went up to them and was like, ' Wow, that was crazy!

'" She hadn't -- but a year later, she joined the club. Then she adds, "And the kissing itself didn't really bug me.

However, anecdotally, it does seem to be talked about more." Precise numbers may not be available, but a well-publicized National Center for Health Statistics study released in September 2005 found that 10.6 percent of girls age 15-19 had had same-sex sexual experiences; the survey did not ask whether the conduct was a result of actual desire, though.

In any event, girl-on-girl action seems to be no big deal for high school and college students, who shrug it off as standard party behavior.

"It's not giving him a lap dance and stripping on a pole for him, but it's showing him that you can be open, and if that's what he likes, that's what you'll do.

Which makes him think you're better to sleep with than the 100 other girls in the room with you." "It gives you confidence," says Nina, a 20-year-old friend and classmate of Julie's who has kissed five of her friends, including Julie, most more than once.

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