Dating a quiet man

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He wants to feel that you see what is special about him, and not just how he is the opposite of everybody else you’ve dated. An investigation is underway after the bodies of a man and woman were found in a house in Loughborough.

His apartment might be messy and his resume might be all botched up. If you lie about having children or send them away to visit their aunt anytime your cub comes over, everybody will feel guilty.

In a statement issued last night, the force said: 'Officers were called to an address in Barrett Drive at 6.25pm following the discovery of a man and a woman inside the property.'Extensive inquiries have taken place and, at this stage, officers are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. One neighbour said: 'We heard a police car come up the road at about 6.30pm with its sirens on.'Of the people at whose address the investigation is taking place, the neighbour said: 'We've known them for a while, she was more outgoing, he was more quiet.'It's not the sort of thing you expect to happen in a quiet little street like this.'There are only about a dozen houses and we all know one another.'People living in the tiny street, which has just 13 houses, spoke of their shock at the incident.

One resident said: 'It's like something you see on TV, it's not real,' said one.'We've only lived here 18 months.

in conversation, but you have to watch it around a cub. Don’t completely stay quiet about what you’ve done!

Part of what attracts a young guy to an older woman is all her knowledge and experience about careers, travel, relationships and life in general.

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