Dating a mommas boy

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But, if you think you may have a momma’s boy on your hands, take note of these telltale signs.

He can’t buy anything without discussing it with his mother, first.

In case you are not aware, finances are already an issue in any relationship (married or otherwise), but when you add his momma — get ready for a battle.

You’re pretty confident that the extent of his culinary skills are based around the microwave. But you’re pretty sure he can’t order an appetizer at Applebee’s without consulting her.4. You don’t even bother disagreeing with her, even in private. He has his own place but he’s over at his parents' almost every day. If you’re in a fight, he’s going to call his mom first.However, in my opinion, the bad outweighs the good — as his momma will always try to control you, will always be in your business, will always tell him what to do, and you will never be first. So ladies, if your man exudes these signs, just cut your losses and move on. Hell, sometimes his mom even comes over to clean his apartment. It’s not that he can’t or shouldn’t interact with his parents on social media. And it sucks that she knows every single time you’ve ever hurt her son’s feelings. He can be a bit immature (especially when he’s around her). You’re not even sure he pays his own phone bill and you’re afraid to ask.10. You’re halfway into a date night (or worse, sex) and she shows up with some groceries just because she was thinking about him.Take this quiz and find out if your man has a thing for Mom. However, if you’ve been fortunate enough to not have experienced a momma’s boy, please consider yourself lucky.

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