Dating a man who lives with his parents

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This even extends to where asking for help, or accepting help in certain areas of life can be interpreted as a weakness or failing.

When the person you're seeing lives with his parents, it's hard to avoid rushing to that step.

Unless you are one of those fabled subway mole people who lives beneath the downtown 6 train, you know that we're in a recession, so is a guy's quasi-dependence on his parents a red flag? But if you're feeling particularly judgmental, or wondering if this means he's a mama's boy/lazy/privileged/immature, first ponder the items below: Is he saving up for something big? It's a down-to-earth, pragmatic move to crash with Mom & Dad in order to pinch pennies if he has a bigger, grown-up goal he's working towards.

You don't know the full story behind his living situation.

Everyone has different stepping stones to maturation, and in this situation men can flourish as much as ladies. Are you concerned that he won't be able to pay for dates? You get to watch him with his parents, which says a lot.

OK, this one will be less cute when he hits 30, but watching boys who really love their moms always makes me melt.

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