Dating a computer science major

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The laws of physics are applied to fields such as engineering, communications, biology, and electronics.

The development of technologies like lasers and semiconductors resulted from pioneering work in physics.

Religious studies (with 21% of students marrying another studying the same field) tops the list among all students, followed by general science.

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Job descriptions are difficult to quantify in this field.

A physicist might spend their day designing materials for computer chips or smashing atomic particles.

Anyone planning to study physics in college should be considering a curriculum that is heavy in algebra classes at the high school level, with some calculus and trigonometry where possible.

Science classes are important too, as one might expect.

But as we speak, there's a programmer out there, attending a developer conference, to keep his mind occupied and distracted from his single status.

Each guide below explores some of the most significant cutting edge technologies and discusses how a degree in computer science – or a closely related discipline – can lead to an exciting career in a groundbreaking field.

From clothing to construction to medicine and even food, 3D printing is already shifting the way people design and produce products.schnell writes: The blog Priceonomics has published an analysis showing students in which college majors end up marrying another student with that same major.

This is usually because only a few extra classes beyond those required for the physics degree are needed for the additional math degree. Some of the other most common double majors are science degree programs such as computer science, astronomy, and chemistry.

Education degrees and teaching certifications are required for aspiring science or physics instructors.

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