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Johnson's real crime, in the eyes of many, was committed on July 4, 1910, when he successfully defended his boxing title against Jim Jeffries, a white boxer who came to be called the "Great White Hope" because many white fans saw him as the best chance to wrest back a boxing title from the African-American champ.Johnson beat Jeffries, who had come out of retirement for the fight, before a stunned, almost entirely white crowd in Reno, Nevada. More than 20 people were killed and hundreds were injured. So when they "couldn't beat him in the ring, the white power establishment decided to beat him in the courts," Burns said in his documentary.Koca had been hiding with a knife outside the home of his ex-wife, Courtney Ward, after learning of her new relationship with Mr Magee.

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He'll have time for relationships, a career, kids even.'Eamonn will never have those chances and we'll never be able to plan a future with him in our lives.

She said: 'Holding my mum's hand tight, we sobbed together, seeing him lying there, covered in blood.'His hair was still perfect.

Only Eamonn could be killed and still end up with perfect hair.'With only 13 months between us, we were more like best friends than brother and sister.

Johnson was first arrested for breaking the Mann Act in 1912, four years after winning the heavyweight crown.

That case fell apart, but investigators soon after charged him with a similar offense involving a woman he had dated years earlier.

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