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He may have had a third wife named Khedebneithireretbeneret, who was actually a daughter of his great nemesis, Apris.He had a number of children by the first two wives, including his successor, Psammetichus III.This made for easier control of these merchants, and created a lucrative income for the crown in the form of taxes.

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His throne name was Khnem-ib-re, meaning "He who embraces the Heart of Re". We believe that Amasis was the son of a Lady Takheredeneset, and married two women by the names of Tentheta and Nakhtsebastetru.If so, she was probably the daughter of Khedebneithirerebeneret, because the current God's Wife, Ankhesenneferibre, was a sister of Apries.From Herodutus, we learn that he was a likeable, popular ruler who is said to have had such a strong inclination for drink that he sometimes delayed state matters in order to indulge in a drinking bout.Actually, Amasis, as a general in the Egyptian army, was sent to put down the revolt of the machimoi (the native Egyptian soldiers), but instead the soldiers proclaimed him as Pharaoh.When word reached Apries of Amasis' treason, he slaughtered the messenger and proceeded to advance on the forces of Amasis.

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