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After the menu bar enjoyed a good 20 years as a computing paradigm, Microsoft decided to dispense with it in many of its programs.

Note that the command for displaying and hiding the menu bar is in the Tools menu.

Simultaneously, Microsoft decided to dispense of one of its toolbars — the menu bar — in several of its programs.

This will tell you how to decide for yourself which toolbars show and which don’t in your web browser.

# import system modules import os import arcpy # Set environment settings workspace = 'C:/arcgis/Arc Tutor/Buildinga Geodatabase/Layers' # Loop through the workspace, find all the layer files (.lyr) and create a consolidated folder for each # layer file found using the same name as the original layer file. List Files('*.lyr'): print('Consolidating '.format(lyr)) arcpy.

By Dan Gookin The dawn of the 21st century also saw the dawn of the overabundance of Internet Explorer toolbars.

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