College dating survival guide dating woes

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Loner Lairs Think of occupations Loner’s are most attracted to, and steer your way towards those buildings.

Of course, Loner’s can be found in any occupation, but a higher percentage can be found in jobs that deal with the inner world of the mind, or have nothing to do with people at all.

Seriously, as an introvert in college – if you’re mercifully given the option…why not just study online with a cup of home-brewed tea on one knee, a doughnut in the other, basking in the sweet serenity of silence?

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Published by Hundreds of Heads Survival Guides, this collection includes real-life student advice on lecture halls, professors, parties and everything else those hundreds of "heads" wished someone had told them.

Many have never shared a room at all, let alone with a stranger who parties hearty, pumps up the volume and borrows your best stuff. There is some practical advice on surviving all-night study sessions and avoiding nightmare hook-ups.

Also included is a pronunciation guide so Junior can talk about Toulouse-Lautrec and Schopenhauer in the lecture hall without embarrassing himself.

Dorm room, roommate, eating, sleeping, studying, social life, cash-flow—you land on campus and suddenly all of these things can seriously impact your survival. Now, you find yourself on campus, in a dorm room with a roommate, learning to balance studying, sleeping, social life and your cash flow.

Everyone talks about nurturing good habits, but what exactly does that mean? It is important to nurture good habits while at university, but what exactly does that mean?

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