Chinese customs on dating

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Indeed, all the core Chinese family values serve to ensure the family's stability and cohesion.A fundamental Chinese value is the importance of the family unit.Many of the immigrant Chinese to Australia and their descendants profess no particular religion, but there are also substantial numbers of Buddhists, Catholics and Anglicans (Kee 1992).Large numbers of Buddhists and those professing no religion may practise ancestor worship at home in the Buddhist or Confucian tradition (VICSEG 1993).Some eventually stayed and had children with Australian women.

Preserving the family as a unit also means the continuation of the family throughout the generations.Many Chinese who arrived as refugees, and others who arrived under the family reunion program, tended to have considerable English language difficulties and experienced a high rate of unemployment.In stark contrast, a substantial number of Chinese came as professional and business migrants, bringing with them great skills and wealth.Individuals also identify closely with their family's fortune, striving to preserve and further it, not so much for themselves as for their families (Yee 1989).Family prosperity brings 'face' or acclaim to family members, whereas its demise bestows shame.

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