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Sean finds out that Colleen is not really a talent agent at all but instead an obsessed fan who just sells teddy bears she makes.

Colleen becomes crazier and tries to commit suicide by slitting her wrists at Sean's apartment.

In the fifth season, Christian becomes quite jealous of Sean who becomes an actor on the show "Hearts N' Scalpels" when Christian doesn't.

He tries several different ways to get the recognition he believes he deserves, such as doing a naked photo shoot which attracts gay men to the office.

A plastic surgeon nearing middle age and trying to come to terms with his formerly 'perfect' life falling apart.

He constantly deals with a mid-life crisis of his youth slowly fading away.

However, the Carver instead targets Christian in the Season 2 finale.

He is warned that if he is to help another Carver victim, the Carver will kill him, which Sean does.

Sean gets a restraining order against her but that does not keep her away.

While Sean is working on his daughter after a car accident Colleen comes into the surgical room and stabs Sean numerous times leaving him bleeding. Sean is now uses a wheelchair and cannot perform surgery.

He meets Kate, a woman who stars on the show with Sean and they date for a while until she mentions her fantasy would be having sex with a black man.

Later on, he gets seduced by Olivia's daughter Eden but Sean nearly has a heart attack having sex with her while on ecstasy.

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