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Kimberly Andrews is a Las Vegas exotic dancer who arrives in Llanview, Pennsylvania in August 2009 to help her best friend Stacy Morasco.

Stacy has miscarried her baby with Rex Balsom, and Kim conspires to help Stacy get pregnant again and pass the child off as Rex's.

In October, Kim tells Stacy she got Echo to forge Rex's signature.It's also revealed that Stacy had plastic surgery in South America to look like her sister Gigi so that she could take over her life.Cutter tells Kim that Aubrey broke up with him because she found out about the blackmail, and he blackmails Kim to give him the forged documents. Kim begs Cutter to take care of Stacy while she's in jail.Hunter's then-girlfriend Sarah Roberts, who also happened to be Todd's niece, recognizes her uncle and makes an anonymous call to Llanview to let Todd's ex-wife Blair Cramer know where he is.In the meantime, Hunter brings Todd to the Llanview doorstep of the man who paid him: Miles Laurence.

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